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Led by groups like the Los Angeles Conservancy, the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles, and Esotouric, LA has a strong community dedicated to historic preservation.


Esotouric [has] built an empire on exposing L.A.’s grim underbelly with twisted joie de vivre and nerdy zeal…. The four-hour outings fly by, leaving you with a dozen open Wiki tabs and a thirst for more armchair sleuthing.

Los Angeles Magazine, Best of L.A. – Best True-Crime Tours

For the bookish fan of the macabre.

New York Times, Touring the Dark Side of Los Angeles, 2015

The city’s most eccentric tour.

Los Angeles Magazine, Enjoy the Most Eccentric Tour of the City

Top 10 Things To Do in Los Angeles

National Geographic

The closest thing to a day with the late great Huell Howser that California travel buffs will ever have.

Pasadena Weekly

Intensely dark and deeply researched.

Los Angeles Magazine, From Hip-Hop History to Haunted Places, These Offbeat L.A. Tours Aren’t Just for Tourists

Esotouric reveals an L.A. you didn’t know existed… witty and intellectually stimulating… L.A. came alive like a 1940s noir movie… I will never view the place of my birth the same way again.

Bill Johnson

LA Register

You can learn a lot from Kim Cooper and Richard Schave.

LAist, Over 30 Creepy Mazes, Haunts, Tours, Escape Rooms And More For Halloween

There’s no better way to experience and learn about the rich history of Los Angeles then to see it for yourself. Esotouric tours you through all the dimensions of Los Angeles, from the social history of the people who moved here, to the architecture they built for themselves to express their new way of life here, and to the real-life politics and crime stories that seem ripped from the silver screen.

Alan Hess

Architect and author of, "Googie Redux: Ultramodern Roadside Architecture""

Esotouric runs the best tours of Southern California. I know, I know, [guided tours] are intrinsically uncool, but obsessives Richard Schave and Kim Cooper promise to take you into the ‘secret heart of Los Angeles,’ and they deliver.
Peter Lunenfeld

Professor & Vice Chair , UCLA’s Design | Media Arts department

100 Things Every Angeleno Should Do At Least Once.

Los Angeles Magazine

Los Angeles isn’t just palm trees and Crossfit. There’s a seedy underworld that exists under the neon-crunch of vintage signs. tThere’s a history of murder, mobsters, and Hollywood mayhem that plays out like the world’s most fascinating film noir.

Complex City Guide, Coolest First Date Spots

[Esotouric] has turned tawdry L.A. stories into its very own brand.

Los Angeles Times, Tour to explore dark, seamy side of downtown Los Angeles

Esotouric might be the coolest bus tour company out there. Yeah, yeah, “bus tour” automatically sounds like the dorkiest thing ever, but this tour is about a (nay, THE) Dirty Old Man, and great lover of Los Angeles, Charles Bukowski.

Time Out Los Angeles, Haunts of A Dirty Old Man: Charles Bukowski's Los Angeles

The kings of oddball outings.

Frontiers Magazine, The Rundown -- "Best Way To Stroke L.A.'S Underbelly"

A perfect guide to the world of Bukowski, Cain, Chandler, and Fante, [Richard] Schave is a native Angeleno. He eats, sleeps, drinks, and thinks like a character in a noir film circa 1945, or perhaps more like a noir director, say Billy Wilder.

Boom Magazine, Genius Loci - The strange alchemy of California’s literary shrines

Discover LA’s lurid and fascinating underbelly on these hip, offbeat, insightful and entertaining tours.

Lonely Planet

A wonderfully varied menu of some of the most offbeat and well-researched tours in Los Angeles.

San Francisco Chronicle, Get a new view of Los Angeles on these tours

A brilliant idea, appropriate to a city saturated with cultural and seedy social history.

Spike Magazine (U.K)

The most fascinating tours in Los Angeles… one of our favorite[s] nationwide.

USA Travel Guide

This was one of the most wonderful events I have ever experienced in Los Angeles. I cannot say enough about the level of understanding of history, the deep respect and passion these folks have about all the wonderful facets of Los Angeles. I want to take more tours with Esotouric because my feeling about Los Angeles just went up a hundred percent — what a rich city with interesting stories and people and intrigues — the literary component of the John Fante tour was inspired and engaging. I think everyone who comes to LA should go on a tour to get a foundation of understanding of neighborhoods, how they sprang up, and the politics behind the city. Amazing and I am super excited to go on another one with Esotouric!!!

Samantha Weaver, passenger on

John Fante’s Dreams from Bunker Hill

The Journal of Alta California: Bukowski by Bus

Santi Elijah Holley takes the tour to find out what fans take away from the writer’s work today.